OCT 01, 2015 10:30 AM PDT

Powerful Tools for In vitro Fluorescent Imaging in Cancer Research

  • Marketing Director at Immunochemistry Technologies, LLC
      Jackie Carville is the Director of Marketing at ImmunoChemistry Technologies where she focuses on providing comprehensive, user-friendly content to assist life science researchers in optimizing their project pipelines. She obtained her undergraduate education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying Genetics and Life Science Communication. Prior to ICT, Jackie spent several years marketing and presenting bioinformatics software tools. Jackie frequently presents in webinars and at conferences, and is passionate about offering innovative solutions to challenging technical problems.


    ImmunoChemistry Technologies offers multiple tools for fluorescent imaging in the context of cancer research and oncology. ICT’s in vitro cell-based apoptosis assays allow biomedical researchers to investigate biological systems and the effects of disease and treatment. In this presentation, learn how to quantify caspase activity in vitro, monitor caspases and cathepsins, measure mitochondrial membrane potential, quantify necrosis and apoptosis, and detect serine protease activity. Ultimately, these various assay kits enable cancer researchers to evaluate drug treatment, monitor side-effects, and calculate dose-response

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