APR 22, 2021 6:00 AM PDT

Panel Presentation: Powering the precision in "precision medicine" - The role of curated data, databases and knowledge: Does a gold standard exist?

Sponsored by: QIAGEN


As NGS panels grow, test interpretation becomes more complex and time-consuming / With the explosion of NGS data, the need for consolidated databases with reliable and transparent curation and classification of variants is greater than ever.   However, for researchers and clinicians, it is next to impossible to keep up with published findings and archive them in a structured manner that makes them accessible and, therefore, often must rely on external databases. It is absolutely crucial to choose a trustworthy knowledgebase with the depth and breadth necessary to get the right answers.   But what criteria should we use to decide which database to trust to give you the right answer to your question? In this Mastermind session, we will explore possible answers to those questions and what the gold standard is for powering the precision in “precision medicine”.

Learning Objectives:

1. How curated information can be used to support precision medicine

2. The different approaches to curating information for clinical decision support

3. What to look for if you are looking for sources of information to support precision 

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