JUN 20, 2018 12:00 PM PDT

Precision Medicine: The Way Forward!

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  • Founder and CEO of Agility Pharmaceuticals, CEO, American Association for Precision Medicine
      Dr. Mishra (Ex-Genentech, Ex-NCI, Ex-NIH, Ex-Rutgers) is the Founder and CEO of Agility Pharmaceuticals. He is also founding president and CEO of American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM). He is best known for discovering the role for noncoding RNA in drug resistance and pharmacogenomics. Moreover, his passion for drug development and precision medicine has led to identification of new drug targets, biomarkers, companion diagnostics, and mechanisms of action/resistance of both new and established drugs, which has facilitated development of rational drug combinations in the clinic. While at Genentech, besides translational research, he participated in discovery project teams at various stages. He was instrumental in establishing robotic automation (robotization) driven mammalian cell based phenotypic screening capabilities and hit to lead identification efforts within Genentech. His research work has been recognized globally by numerous awards and honors. In addition to his professional commitments, Dr. Mishra also gives back to his local biotech community by serving as an advisor to several companies in the San Francisco Bay Area to advance their R&D and funding strategy. The companies that he has advised have raised multimillion dollars. Notably, he serves as a mentor and advisor to startup accelerators such as IndieBio, Project Zygote and California Life Sciences Association, to help grow California's life sciences innovation ecosystem. Moreover, discoveries lead by Dr. Mishra and his teams have contributed to the development of new and viable strategies of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of patients in the clinic.


    Recent advancements in the precision medicine field have presented a great promise to provide innovative solutions to pharmaceutical and healthcare industry to help transform medicine. By finding integrated solutions to analyze digital health as well as omics data presents a quick and more accurate method of diagnosing and treating diseases. This talk will focus on highlighting recent advancements in the field of precision medicine. Briefly, the importance of big data analytics to make complex biology simpler will be discussed. Of importance, an overview of recent advances in AI field and how we can exploit it to re-shape drug discovery and precision medicine fields will be discussed. Furthermore, how the medical professionals and health care systems are working towards adapting to this changing landscape to bring these breakthrough advances to clinical practice will be highlighted.

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