SEP 18, 2018 07:00 AM PDT
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POSTER: Pro-Detect Rapid Assay Lateral Flow Kits for Detecting Protein Tags and Antibody Isotyping

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  • Senior R & D Scientist, Protein and Cell Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Krishna's PhD and postdoctural work focused on understanding control mechanisms regulating the initiation of protein translation in eukaryotes. Following his academic training, he joined Thermo Fisher Scientific and has led multiple projects including the development of the HeLa and CHO lysate based cell-free translation systems, also known asThermo Scientific1-Step In VitroTranslation (IVT) Systems, which contain all the necessary reagents to express proteins of interest in as little as one hour.


    Lateral flow assays (LFAs) are rapid, sensitive, and easy-to-use immunoassays for detecting specific target proteins in vitro. Although the LFA format is extremely popular in point-of-care diagnostic tests (i.e., pregnancy tests), to-date its use in basic research laboratories is not widespread. Here we present the Thermo Scientific™ Pro-Detect Rapid Assay, an LFA designed for research workflows that can be used for rapid monitoring of expressed recombinant proteins and rapid identification of antibody isotypes. The Pro-Detect Rapid Assay is an alternative to western blotting and ELISA formats that require significantly more time for sample processing as well as additional instrumentation. The rapid qualitative (yes/no) determination of this LFA will also help address key pain points in cell culture and protein expression workflows.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Understand how lateral flow technology–based Pro-Detect Rapid Assays can be used to rapidly detect protein expression


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