MAY 31, 2016 7:00 AM PDT

Protect your Cells with Proper Pipetting - How liquid handling influences your cell culture work

Sponsored by: Eppendorf, Eppendorf

Event Date & Time
DATE: May 31, 2016
TIME:  7am Pacific time, 10am Easter time, 4pm Central European Summer time 


Pipetting is an every-day task in a cell culture lab. We pipette so often that we don't actually think about it. This educational webinar hosted by LabRoots gives an insight in how pipetting techniques can improve reproducibility of experiments and decrease the risk of contamination when working with eukaryotic cells. We will discuss the huge potential lying in pipetting techniques to increase the quality of your results.
Key topics
  • How pipetting techniques can increase the reproducibility of cell-based experiments
  • How handling of pipetting tools can help to reduce the risk of contamination
  • Differentiation of pipetting tools (multichannel pipette, dispenser etc.) according to applications in cell culture
  • Set up of the working space in the biological safety cabinet to maintain a sterile environment
Who should attend (Who will benefit from this webinar?)
Laboratory technicians, Scientific employees, Students, PhD students, Post docs and employees of cell culture laboratories.

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