Science Made Simple- Meet Microbial Regulations & Protect Cannabis Consumers



Cannabis science is rapidly evolving and cannabis microbiology is often misinterpreted or even forgotten.  In and industry without standardization there’s a lack of consistency, and at times, questionable consumer safety.  With the patchwork regulations and localized standards among each US state regulating cannabis it’s complex to confirm compliance, protect consumers, and protect your brand now while planning for the future.  Let’s simplify the situation.

Cannabis microbiology does not need to be difficult.  In fact it can be rather simple. 

This talk will focus on the why we test cannabis for microbiology and the impact cannabis microbiology has to your brand, profitability, planning for the future, compliance, and consumer safety.  We will look at the trends amongst the patchwork regulations.  The talk expands into the value of understanding the risks throughout your operations and opportunities to consider to mitigate risk or even predict microbiological challenge protects your business.  This leads us to the core elements to consider in selecting a cannabis microbiology testing method for your in-house lab or your compliance testing lab tying into simple and reliable science.

Learning Objectives:

1. Review cannabis microbiology.

2. Discuss the impact of microbiology testing.

3. List the safety and risks of microbiology.

4. Analyze simple reliable science: method selection and AOAC.

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