SEP 08, 2016 07:30 AM PDT

Gene Expression Profiling During Infection NanoString® nCounter accurately quantifies pathogen and host transcripts from tiny amount of infection tissue

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  • Technical Services Scientist, NanoString
      Wenjie Xu, Ph.D. has been with NanoString since early 2016 as a Technical Service Scientist. Prior to joining our team, he earned his Ph.D and did post-doctoral work at Columbia University studying yeast genetics and infectious fungi. Dr. Xu did apoptosis and drug discovery-based research at SBP Medical Discovery Institute. He was a Senior Research Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University focused on gene expression profiling (infectious diseases). Dr. Xu has authored or co-authored 30 publications.


    Our speaker, Wenjie Xu, Ph.D., will present his publication data demonstrating how nCounter® technology can advance your infectious disease research faster and more accurately with unprecedented sensitivity, reproducibility and ease of use. nCounter has been successfully used for identification and profiling of viruses, bacteria and fungi from real life infection samples.  One single RNA isolation can generate paired data for both pathogen and host. Thanks to the automated and streamlined workflow, it takes less than 48 hours from sample collection to publication grade figures.

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