FEB 24, 2016 05:00 AM PST

How Personalised Healthcare is transforming drug development

  • VP and Head of Personalised Healthcare and Biomarkers, AstraZeneca
      Ruth March, VP and Head of Personalised Healthcare and Biomarkers, leads AstraZeneca's function of world class diagnostic and biomarker science experts, delivering companion diagnostic tests to target AZ drugs to the right patients across each therapy area and all phases of development. She has driven adoption of Personalised Healthcare approaches by 70% of AstraZeneca's pipeline, partnering with a strategic network of diagnostic companies to ensure delivery to global clinical trials and marketed products.

      Ruth spent ten years in immunology and genetics research at the Universities of London and Oxford. She has over 40 publications and patents in the field of pharmacogenomics and Personalised Healthcare and serves as an expert evaluator for the European Commission.


    Personalised Healthcare is essential to AstraZeneca’s approach to drug development and is adopted by more than 80% of drug products in clinical development. Selection of the right patient population using companion diagnostics is integral to the way in which AstraZeneca focuses on quality and innovation. We will discuss examples where Personalised Healthcare has transformed the delivery of new therapies to patients. We will examine how emerging diagnostic science has the potential to improve patient outcomes; including circulating tumour DNA, next generation sequencing and expanding the benefits of Personalised Healthcare across all therapy areas. Finally we will consider the role of partnerships to delivering Personalised Healthcare into clinical practice. We believe that Personalised Healthcare is the future of drug development; it epitomizes what science can do.
    Learning objectives:

    • Describe how Personalised Healthcare been used to help transform AstraZeneca’s approach to drug development
    • Understand examples of the use of Personalised Healthcare to develop novel therapies
    • Evaluate the role of emerging diagnostic science to deliver benefit to patients

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