In vitro research method for screening inhibitors of protein translation

  • Senior R & D Scientist, Protein and Cell Analysis, Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Krishna's PhD and postdoctural work focused on understanding control mechanisms regulating the initiation of protein translation in eukaryotes. Following his academic training, he joined Thermo Fisher Scientific and has led multiple projects including the development of the HeLa and CHO lysate based cell-free translation systems, also known asThermo Scientific1-Step In VitroTranslation (IVT) Systems, which contain all the necessary reagents to express proteins of interest in as little as one hour.


    In vitro translation (IVT), or cell-free expression, offers a unique and powerful research tool to screen for translational inhibitors that regulate both cellular and viral protein expression. Here we discuss a simple, quick method to identify inhibitors of both cap-dependent and cap-independent protein translation, using the Thermo Scientific1-Step Human Coupled IVT Kit. Rapid assay readout (6090 min), amenability for miniaturization, and insensitivity to compound toxicity make in vitro translation an attractive alternative to cell-based screens for high-throughput screening (HTS) of novel inhibitors of proteinsynthesis

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