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With completely configurable hardware, software, and connectivity, Cubis® II and Cubis® II High-Resolution offer a high-performance balance that will align with your unique demands and compliance requirements.

All modules of the Cubis ® II balance were designed to guarantee a higher degree of repeatability for different workflows while lowering the probability of human error during measurement. Each model also allows for seamless connectivity into existing systems or Sartorius’ Ingenix suite. 
The newest addition to the Cubis family is the Cubis® II Ultra High-Resolution balances that guarantee the highest level of precision and fastest stabilization time with each measurement in everyday conditions. 
Thanks to its unique engineering, performance errors caused by common influences, such as draft and vibration, are completely eliminated. These balances feature a revolutionary Cleaning QApp that transforms routine cleanings with step-by-step instructions displayed on the balance along with an audit trail for compliance needs. 
Notably, the Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution balances offer exceptional flexibility, allowing for software and hardware upgrades in the future without the need to purchase a new balance, ensuring investment security. 
With a winning combination of adaptability, simplified cleaning, and future-proof upgradability, the Cubis® II Ultra-High Resolution balances are designed to transform compliant workflows in the modern analytical laboratory.

Available Models: 
-    Ultra-Micro and Micro Balance
-    High-Capacity Micro Balance (available in the Ultra-High Resolution Model)
-    Semi-Micro Balance (available in the Ultra-High Resolution Model)
-    Analytical Balance
-    Precision Balance
-    High-Capacity Balance

Supporting Documents

Data Sheet

Cubis II Ultra-High Resolution Data Sheet

Product Brochure

Cubis Ultra-High Resolution Brochure

Product Brochure

Cubis II Brochure

Method Overview

Experience Simplified Cleaning for the Cubis II Ultra-High Resolution with These Best Practices

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