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The Octet® RH96 is the flagship of the instrument range. The system utilises BLI enabling label-free detection for protein quantitation and kinetic characterization at unmatched speed and throughput. The RH96 measures up to 96 samples simultaneously allowing both unlimited characterisation capacity for various applications and custom assay tailoring to maximize analytical throughput or sensitivity and preventing bottlenecks.  Rapid whole-plate detection is accomplished using the 96 biosensor mode, providing either quantitation data for 96 samples in as little as 2 minutes or full plate kinetic screening in minutes instead of hours. The system also comes integration ready for automation, extending the unattended runtime and allowing you more time away from the bench.  Key applications that leverage the unique strengths of the Octet® RH96 system include epitope binning experiments, off-rate ranking, and titer concentration.  Key Benefits:  Unmatched throughput – Up to 96-well simultaneous sampling in 384-well and 96-well formats  Sensitivity – Detection of low molecular weight molecules (≥ 150 Da)  Flexibility – Two plate locations maximize throughput and improve workflow  Unattended operation – Automation friendliness allows multiple-plate assays in one run  User friendliness – Advanced software tools for epitope binning analysis

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Application Note

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Application Note

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Octet® RH96 System

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