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The 8-channel system - Octet® R8 - offers an advanced fluidics-free approach to protein characterization. The independent biosensors allow analysis of single or up to eight channels, enabling flexibility in sample throughput based on need. The Octet system performs quantitation of 96 samples in 32 minutes and kinetic screening of 64 samples in 1.5 hours.  The system utilizes Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) technology. The real-time technique enables direct detection of specific proteins and other biomolecules — even in complex mixtures like cell culture supernatants and lysates and low concentration environments. Furthermore, the label-free technology gathers physiologically relevant data quickly, proving to be a cost-effective method.  Key Benefits:  Large dynamic range for comfortable titer determination  Versatile kinetic analysis from small molecules (150 Da) to cells  Temperature Control (15–40°C) Evaporation protection for long off-rate measurements Full post-analysis sample recovery  Low maintenance and operational costs  Ready for GxP regulated environments  Popular industrial applications include expression screening, on- and off-rate screening, epitope binning, cell line development and bioprocess optimization. The Octet® R8 system is widely used in analytical core labs for protein structure/function studies and small molecule screening campaigns. The system has been developed to operate reliably in a regulated environment. Sartorius offers 21 CFR Part 11 software and a full line of GxP products and services as part of the Octet® R8 GxP Package.

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Application Note

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Application Note

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Application Note

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Octet® R Series Systems Brochure

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