MAR 11, 2022 3:30 PM PST

Poll Reveals Limited Parent Knowledge of CBD Despite Increasing Availability of Children's CBD Products

WRITTEN BY: Kerry Charron

Mott Children’s Hospital recently published results from a poll on parents’ perceptions of treating children with CBD. The poll revealed parents demonstrated minimal knowledge of hemp-derived products and their effects on children. 

This issue is a challenge for pediatric medicine, and it highlights the need for better communication about CBD concerns between medical professionals and parents. Roughly 75% of parents believe that a doctor’s recommendation should be required to administer CBD to children, but only 63% felt the doctor’s recommendation was a strong factor in deciding to try CBD.   

Parents familiar with CBD use it to help their children manage a wide range of health complaints. Responses from 1,992 parents of children ages 3-18 identified the most common reasons parents give their children CBD. Main reasons include anxiety (51%), sleep problems (40%), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (33%), muscle pain (20%), autism (19%), and general wellness (13%). 

Pediatric health professionals believe increasing research on CBD effects on children will help improve parents’ knowledge of CBD. Mott Poll co-director Sarah Clark explains that “there is very little data on how CBD may impact children’s developing brains and only certain types of situations when it’s considered for pediatric medical reasons. Still, CBD has become much more accessible and widely advertised, with some companies claiming benefits for kids.” Although the FDA cautions companies about making unsubstantiated claims about CBD’s effectiveness, such marketing claims further complicate parental understanding of cannabinoid therapy for children. Most parents (71%) have never used CBD. Many parents have concerns about side effects and safety that prevent them from giving CBD to their children.

35% of the parents considered CBD and cannabis the same, so many parents may be unaware that hemp does not cause psychotropic effects. Parents may also not know about Certificate of Analysis (COAs) requirements that ensure customer safety standards and how to find quality CBD. CBD is generally safe for children, but it is important for parents to inform the pediatrician if they are giving their child CBD and discuss an appropriate dosing plan. 



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