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What are dab rigs, and how do they work?

WRITTEN BY: Helaine Krysik

There are now more ways of consuming cannabis than ever before, especially as the plant has become more mainstream and legal over the past few years.

One method is that of the dab rig, which is sometimes confused with a bong. While they are two different things, dab rigs operate similarly to bongs, as they similarly made. The parts of the dab rigs consist of the downstream, nail, base, mouthpiece, and glass dome. 

While using a dab rig is easy and straightforward to use, as the nail needs to be heated up by a torch, and concentrate is placed on the nail using a dabber or wand, the user should be aware of how much concentrate they are using. The effects can hit them harder than they might expected when they inhale the vapor.

The vapor can be created from more than just concentrates - shatter or wax are also common forms of cannabis used in dab rigs.

The attraction with dab rigs is the huge amount of THC produced from the cannabis used in the rig. Users have the ability to consume a lot of THC content, without having to use a lot of cannabis. However, the increased high that users get from dabbing can come with the health risks associated with too much THC consumption for inexperienced users, such as anxiety, paranoia, addiction, and psychosis, so users should watch out. Also, users need to know that there is a risk of fires and burns by creating dabs and the vapor.

That said, as long as users are aware of the potential risks, using a dab rig can be a great way of getting the biggest bank for the buck out of cannabis, and having the effects sustain much longer than some other methods of consumption.


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