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Make Stress Reduction A Daily Habit

WRITTEN BY: Abbie Arce

In today’s fast-paced world stress is all around us. Commuters spend an average of 42 hours commuting annually according to a study from the Auto Insurance Center. Work now follows us home via emails, texts, and phone calls. The American Institute of Stress has data that shows reports of workplace stress have increased over the past few decades.


We know that chronic stress exposes us to an unhealthy level of cortisol, the stress hormone. We also know that chronic exposure to cortisol is a risk factor for heart disease. It’s important to note that reducing stress should not just be an occasional one-time attempt at relaxation but should instead become a daily habit.


Some of the more popular ways to reduce stress include mindfulness training for example meditation. Also popular are mind-body fitness trends like yoga. 



The above video from the American Heart Association contains some tips for getting started and making stress reduction part of your daily routine.


Sources: American Heart Association

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