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GenElute™-E Kits for Sustainable Nucleic Acid Purification

SPONSORED BY: MilliporeSigma

Nucleic acid purification is a common technique employed by numerous labs, including academic, pharmaceutical, agricultural, and many more. The combined costs of disposable reagents and the associated waste accumulation often contribute to significant operational costs for the lab and possibly the scope or scale of the completed work.

Traditional nucleic acid purification technologies use silica membrane columns to separate the DNA and RNA from the various sample types. In addition, high concentrations of chaotropic salts are used to bind the nucleic acids, including guanidine hydrochloride. The incorporation of numerous bind-and-wash steps may not only negatively affect the quantification of the DNA and RNA but also downstream applications, including PCR. GenElute™-E Single Spin nucleic acid purification kits are designed for simplified, rapid DNA and RNA purification workflows that result in a high-quality yield, without the resulting consumable and chemical wastes associated with traditional nucleic acid purification kits.

GenElute™-E Single Spin DNA and RNA purification kits incorporate the principle of negative chromatography using size exclusion to capture impurities, including organic solvents, proteins, salt, and detergent, while the nucleic acid flows through the column and is subsequently collected. Importantly, both waste and purified DNA and RNA are isolated in a single centrifugation step, enabling a 55% reduction of plastic material waste compared to silica-based kits. The reduction in tubes, pipette tips, and hazardous liquid wastes from traditional bind-and-wash steps and the convenience benefits of the GenElute™-E Single Spin kits save scientists time and resources with less handling and reduced waste.  

Purified nucleic acid workflows often involve multiple sample types and are required for numerous downstream applications. The sample type in which the nucleic acid is purified may present unique challenges including, effective lysis of the tissue, debris removal, and the presence of endogenous molecules that may inhibit downstream PCR and overall data quality. GenElute™-E Single Spin DNA and RNA purification kits are suitable for rapid purification of nucleic acids from diverse sources, including tissue, blood, cell, and have been rigorously evaluated for consistent PCR application performance. Explore the benefits of GenElute™-E technology and discover how you can improve the quality of your samples while sustainably saving time and resources as we work towards greener labs together.

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