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No more manual library preps!


BioQuleTM NGS System - Say ‘goodbye’ to manual library prepping and ‘hello’ to generating libraries with ease!

NGS – what is it?

NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) is technology used to determine the order of nucleotides in entire genomes or targeted regions of DNA or RNA. It involves the following processes, extraction of nucleic acid, library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatics analysis. In order to achieve optimal results reliable and standardized approaches with quality control measures are needed at all stages of the workflow. Within this workflow, library preparation (the generation of amplified and barcoded DNA or RNA with sequencing adapters) is a significant bottleneck due to it being a multistep process requiring the use of costly reagents with substantial manual intervention.

Manual Library Preparation – the challenges!

There are 3 major difficulties with manual NGS library preparation:

  • Multi-step, time consuming protocols
  • Risk of contamination
  • Costly reagents

A normal NGS library prep, including quality control, has about 13 manual intervention points. In particular, the bead-based purification steps, which involve the use of magnetic stands and beads by the user to target the removal of small DNA fragments such as primers, adapters and dimers, are error-prone and can result in failure of the library preparation.

As libraries are often prepared manually in parallel, cross-contamination can be a potential issue.

The cost of library prep reagents together with laboratory personnel hands-on time can be a significant addition to the total cost of sequencing, particularly if mistakes are made!

Moving from Error-Prone Manual NGS Libraries to Automation!

The BioQule™ NGS system represents true entry-level automation for users wanting to generate up to eight libraries at a time. The system contains a magnet for bead-based procedures, an integrated thermocycler, an optics module, and a liquid handling system – all features typically found in larger automation systems. The BioQule™ technology employs a single-use cartridge system that includes the tips and pre-plated reagents, resulting in just two manual intervention points, providing a simpler solution overall.

No installation. No scripting. No mastermixes. No bead clean-ups. No additional quality control!

It really couldn’t be simpler! The BioQule™ NGS system integrates fluorescence-based quantification into the automated workflow for library normalization and quality control.

Experience less time pipetting and monitoring and more time running libraries and working on research.

Already an experienced high throughput NGS Lab?

Let the BioQule™ NGS system complement your high-throughput platforms by enabling library prepping of small numbers of samples or re-runs.

All this and customization too!

The BioQule™ NGS system is differentiated by being an open system, supporting third-party reagents and kits to give users more options. With the support of our application development team, design and run customized NGS library preparation workflows of your choice. The BioQule™ technology also enables some further applications to be developed in future.


Ready to construct 8 high-quality libraries with only 15 minutes of hands-on-time?

Learn more: read this application note or visit the product page




For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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