FEB 05, 2014 10:00 AM PST

A Simple and Reliable Method for Mouse Intubation

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  • Research Specialist, Medical University of South Carolina
      I attended Clemson University and received a degree in Animal Science in 1993. Since then, I have been a research and surgical technician at the Medical University of South Carolina. The majority of my career found me researching the ideology, biological effects and treatment options in the setting of congestive heart failure. I now work in the department of Comparative Medicine assisting other Primary Investigators with their surgical research needs.


    GOAL: "A simple and reliable method for mouse intubation" is designed as an instructional tutorial with learning objectives that are twofold. First is becoming familiar with the procedure and learning how to perform a minimally invasive technique that guarantees tracheal intubation. The second objective is learning the benefits of using this technique over other costly conventional methods. METHOD: Through a retracted 1.0cm incision at the mandibular region, the cricoid and thyroid cartilage and first rings of the trachea are exposed. This exposure allows for the visualization of the endotracheal tube as it passes into the trachea. RESULTS: A successfully intubated mouse with visual confirmation performed in a short amount of time. No complications such as respiratory obstruction caused by trauma or swelling. This provides a very cost effective means of preparing your animal for surgery.

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