JUN 11, 2015 11:00 AM PDT

Assessing Quality Using ACCURUN® Controls for Quantitative Viral Load Assays

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  • Chief Scientific Officer, SeraCare Life Sciences
      Dr. Garlick is a scientific and R&D leader with over 30 years of experience in the Life Science industry. He has led the development of highly technical R&D projects for new products launched into the research, translational research and diagnostic markets. He has working experience with plasma, cellular and cell based assays using receptor binding, immunoassay, mass spectrometry and molecular diagnostic technologies. At SeraCare Life Sciences, Dr. Garlick is currently leading the new technology development for IVD controls as well as reference materials for NextGen Sequencing applications in oncology, infectious disease, non-invasive prenatal health and genetic testing. When he was at Protein Forest, he led the development of an isoelectric focusing chip for protein and peptide mass spec sample prep, instrument and data analysis software. Previously at NEN DuPont medical products, Dr. Garlick led the effort to develop multiple diagnostics tests used to manage AIDS diagnostics including an HIV antigen assay and an early drug resistance assay. Dr. Garlick has been a member of AACC since 1992, is an Affiliate Member of AACR, and is an Affiliate Scientist with ACMG. He has published 13 peer reviewed papers, and has 2 patents and 2 patent applications.

    Consistent accuracy in reporting quantitative viral load results is critically important to patients, their physicians and to the clinical laboratory. In clinical practice, quantitative viral load results are used both to diagnose the severity of disease and are crucial for guiding patient management and treatment. Such clinical decision-making relies on the accuracy of clinical laboratory testing. This seminar will provide an overview of quantitative viral load testing and how run controls, when used as part of an overall laboratory quality management system, can help ensure accurate results are reported. Data from HIV-1, HBV and HCV qPCR assays and QC Sigma metrics will be presented.

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