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Biology and Management of Laboratory Rats and Mice

  • Professional Principal at National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CONICET), Professor Belgrano National University Buenos Aires, Argentina

      Carolina lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Graduated from the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Buenos Aires, where in 1996 he obtained the title of LATG. After that she became professor at her career and worked in the most important animal facilities at Buenos Aires University, where he acquired extensive experience in production and management of laboratory animals. Also, she participated as teacher in various courses at UBA, INTA, CONICET, organized and participated as speaker at many workshops and conferences. For over 10 years she actively collaborates with the Argentina Association for Laboratory Animals Science and Technology (AACyTAL), where she is currently Pro-Secretary; and since May 2013 she is part of the Directive Committee of FESSACAL. In 2008, she founded the Educational Web "Aula Virtual Bioterio" (www.aulabioterio.com), developing several courses and continuous training programs, in virtual modality. From 1998 to present she serves as LATG, in the professional category at the National Research Council (CONICET) and she is also professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, National University of Belgrano, Buenos Aires.


    Laboratory rats and mice are the most used animal species in scientific research, but still having a lot of information available about them, there are many places in Latin America where there is a clear need to reinforce concepts and to update work methodologies used to work with these animals, always prioritizing the animal welfare, good and valid results in research and personnel safety.This presentation will review the biological characteristics and current recommendations regarding the treatment and proper management of these animal species in the animal facilities.

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