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Education/Training/CPD from the Chinese perspective

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  • Director Animal Research and Welfare DSAR, Sanofi R & D
      Dr. Pang joined Sanofi in January 2011 as a Director, Dedicated Project Expert (then a Strategic advisor, and now in the Translational In Vivo Models Global Research Platform, Research, R&D), providing expertise to the Asia Pacific Region for Animal Research and Welfare related affairs. Dr. Pang received his Bachelor degree in veterinary medicine and MS in veterinary pathology, from the College of Veterinary Medicine at China Agricultural University, Beijing, China. Dr. Pang received his PhD in veterinary medicine (animal health and welfare) from University College Dublin, Ireland. He received a post-doc training in lab animal medicine at University of Copenhagen, Denmark. Dr. Pang has over 30 publications, 6 book chapters and many invited seminars. His recent experience with CROs in China was groundbreaking and included co-establishment and management of the first US standard GLP laboratory in Beijing, China (Bridge Laboratories), where he led the animal care and use program to their first AAALAC Accreditation, and also served as Study Director for preclinical development in multi-species acute and general toxicology programs. In early 2008 he became the first Director of Veterinary Services and IACUC Chairperson at the Charles River Laboratories Greater China Preclinical Services in Shanghai, where he managed and achieved their first AAALAC Accreditation. Dr. Pang has strong hands-on experience as a Principal Scientist where he developed 5 cell-cultured based veterinary vaccines, principal pathologist where he established a diagnosis team for farm animal diseases. He is a Diplomate of the American College of Lab Animal Medicine, member of the Chinese Association of Laboratory Animal Sciences (CALAS)(Secretary General of CALAS Committee on lab animal welfare & ethics; Chair of CALAS working group on lab animal medicine), Chinese Society of Veterinary Pathology (member of Chinese College of Veterinary Pathologists), and member of the lab animal science expert panel for China National Accreditation Services for Conformity Assessment. Dr. Pang served as an ad-hoc Specialist for AAALAC International from Sept 2008 to June 2013. Currently, he is a member of Council on Accreditation, AAALAC International.


    DATE: February 9, 2017
    TIME: 3:00pm PT, 6:00pm ET

    The presentation will very briefly cover the regulatory system for lab animals in China, as well as the regulations and guidelines as related to education and qualification requirement for lab animal users and practitioners. A newly issued national standard entitled requirement for lab animal practitioner will be reviewed in detail and its implementation plans discussed. 

    Learning Objectives:

    • A basic understanding of the Chinese regulatory system for lab animals
    • Be aware of the basic requirement for lab animal technicians, scientists, and veterinarians

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