SEP 15, 2020 8:00 AM PDT

Next generation ultra high content analysis of the tumor immune microenvironment using MICS technology

Sponsored by: Miltenyi Biotec

Event Date & Time

DATE: September 15, 2020

TIME:  08:00am PT



Tumorigenesis and cancer progression are affected by the tumor immune microenvironment (TIME). The TIME not only influences the efficiency of existing therapies but is also very much a focus area in the development of new therapeutics. Flow cytometry–based experiments to characterize the TIME allow analysis of up to 40 markers per run; however, they lack any information on spatial distribution and cellular interactions. Conversely, classical fluorescence microscopy–based approaches provide spatial information but only allow the analysis of a maximum of 10 markers per sample. Even novel image-based multiplexing technologies are not able to provide insights that go much deeper than high-end flow cytometric options with respect to the number of markers. MICS technology is based on innovative use of next-generation cyclic immunofluorescence staining, and overcomes these drawbacks by using an iterative staining and erasing process, which allows for the analysis of 100+ markers on a single sample, whilst retaining that critical information on special distribution and cellular interactions. Stefan Eulitz, Global Customer Liaison Manager and former Deputy Development Program Leader of the MACSima™ Imaging Platform at Miltenyi Biotec, will show how MICS technology has ushered in a new era in high content imaging – ultra high content imaging, whilst providing insights into the analysis of the TIME in different tumor samples in an unrivaled depth.


Learning Objectives:

  • Define the optimal number of markers for characterization of the TIME
  • Review MICS technology for next generation cyclic immunofluorescence staining
  • Analyze the tumor immune microenvironment using ultra high content imaging


Webinars will be available for unlimited on-demand viewing after live event.


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