FEB 23, 2022 3:00 PM PST

Genetically Engineered Custom Cell Lines for Pre-Clinical Research and Biomanufacturing

Sponsored by: MilliporeSigma


Genetically engineered cellular models are an integral part of the drug discovery process from early discovery through clinical biomanufacturing. The various applications of these cellular models are seemingly endless, including evaluating efficacy of CAR-T cells, screening drug candidates, and generating potency assays for therapeutic testing. Often research organizations must overcome resource and technical hurdles to generate complex cellular models quickly. Gene editing experts within the Cell Design Studio® team provide premier custom cell line engineering services to create and deliver unique cell-based assays tailored for drug discovery and preclinical manufacturing. We utilize state of the art editing technologies including CRISPR, zinc finger nucleases, lentiviruses, and custom plasmids to generate cell lines suitable for a range of applications. We partner closely with our customers at all stages of the process with regular updates and communication. In this presentation, we will discuss the technology used to generate custom cell lines, for both research use only and pre-clinical workflows, and the advantages to working with the Cell Design Studio® team.

Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss current gene editing technologies and how to apply them.

2. Identify the advantages to working with a research partner for model generation.

3. Discuss applications of cellular models for drug discovery research.

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