SEP 28, 2017 07:30 AM PDT

Keynote Presentation: RNA-targeting CRISPR and application to diseases

Presented At Cell Biology 2017
C.E. CREDITS: P.A.C.E. CE | Florida CE
  • Principal Investigator, Professor, UCSD
      Dr. Gene Yeo is a scientist, entrepreneur, inventor and expert in the area of RNA, genomics and neurological diseases. Dr. Yeo obtained a bachelor of science in chemical engineering and a bachelor of arts in economics from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and a masters degree in business administration from the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego. Funded by the prestigious Lee Kuan Yew Graduate Fellowship from Singapore, Dr. Yeo earned a Ph.D. in Computational Neuroscience from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the joint guidance of Dr. Tomaso Poggio and Dr. Christopher Burge. Using comparative genomics and statistical learning theory Dr. Yeo pioneered new computational approaches to attack the problem of splicing and splicing-mediated gene regulation. In 2005 Dr. Yeo was appointed the first Junior Fellow at the Crick-Jacobs Center for Theoretical and Computational Biology at the Salk Institute under the mentorship of Dr. Fred Gage and Dr. Sean Eddy. Dr. Yeo's collaborative nature has generated successful projects and grants with experts in neuroscience and neurodegeneration (Dr. Fred Gage and Dr. Don Cleveland), RNA processing (Nobel Laureate Dr. Phillip Sharp, Dr. Manuel Ares, Jr, Dr. Brenton Graveley, Dr. Xiangdong Fu and Dr. Amy Pasquinelli) and virology (Dr. Deborah Spector). In late 2008, Dr. Yeo was appointed an Assistant Professor in the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at UCSD. In 2011, Dr. Yeo was awarded the Alfred P Sloan Fellowship in recognition of his work in computational molecular biology. Since 2003, Dr. Yeo has authored over 50 peer-reviewed publications, invited book chapters and review articles. Dr. Yeo has successfully authored 3 and co-authored 2 grants from the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine totaling $7.2 million. The National Institute of Health, ALS Association, Genentech and Roche Pharmaceuticals also fund Dr. Yeo's work. Dr. Yeo actively serves as a bioinformatics and business consultant to biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and has been involved with start-ups in the biotechnology space. Dr. Yeo reviews for many scientific journals including Science, Cell and Nature, and is on the Editorial Board of the journals Cell Reports and Cell Research. Dr. Yeo is an Adjunct Professor at the National University of Singapore and a visiting researcher at the Molecular Engineering Laboratory under Nobel Laureate Sydney Brenner's auspices. Dr. Yeo was a Sword of Honor recipient (the highest honor) in Officer Cadet School in 1999 and has served in the Singapore Navy as a Naval officer. In his free time, Dr. Yeo sails and is an avid amateur athlete racing in Ironman distance races and marathons.


    I will present my lab’s effort on studying and manipulating RNA processing, with particular emphasis on using CRISPR/Cas systems for targeting RNA in living cells in diseases such as myotonic dystrophy.

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