What we learned from our DNA; Making Cannabis Personal



Genetics may influence experience with cannabis and CBD. With increased access to legal cannabis and the research community expanding their focus on the medicinal uses of cannabinoids, more and more consumers are seeking cannabis for health and wellness. However, cannabinoids are extremely complex partners for our endocannabinoid system and research tells us that users can have vastly different physiological responses to individual strains or products. This makes it almost impossible to find a perfectly aligned product through trial and error. The truth is, cannabis is personal, and uncovering true endocompatibility for each individual user can be scientifically validated.

Learning Objectives:

1. Introduce listeners to the complexities of the endocannabinoid system and the role DNA plays in optimizing cannabinoid experiences

2. Discuss the breakthrough scientific approach Endocanna Health has taken to solving for an individualized response to cannabinoids

3. Address the significant barriers that both consumers and medical professionals experience when incorporating cannabinoid therapeutics into treatment protocols (safety, efficacy, consistency)

4. Discuss the latest research and scientific evidence to evaluate and confidently use cannabinoid therapeutics for individually defined optimal outcomes

5. Explain the scientifically based, genetically focused resource that consistently and reliably matches individuals with the most compatible cannabinoid products

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