MAR 28, 2018 10:30 AM PDT

Panel Discussion: Medical Cannabis in Pediatrics

C.E. CREDITS: P.A.C.E. CE | Florida CE
  • Director of Research & Product Development, Silver State Trading
      Kent Crowley, Pharm.D., is a board-certified Pharm.D. through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy from University of California, San Francisco and completed his residency with Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles, CA. He completed his Fellowship in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine in 2011. During his 34 years in practice, he has worked in primary research at UCI, Dept. of Pediatrics, Division of Child Development, involved in the development of several drugs; holds two patents in neuropathic pain and a patent on a buccal delivery system incorporating cannabis.

      Dr. Crowley currently is the Director of R&D at Silver State Trading in Sparks, NV, a 40,000 sq.ft. permitted Clean Green cannabis cultivation and production facility. He serves as the CMO for the Palliative Care Corporation in Huntington Beach, CA, working with patients & physicians incorporating cannabis in disease state treatment and symptoms management, whether as a primary treatment or complementary to traditional and/or other modalities. This same approach is practiced through Bud and Bloom in Santa Ana, CA as a clinic day each week for patients to come to a Best in Class dispensary and get good information/education on cannabis products/dosage forms/routes of administration and incorporate that into a functional medicine consult for personalized treatment goals.

      Dr. Crowley is a member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians and serves on the Research Subcommittee and a member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society.
    • Director and Board Member for the Flowering Hope Foundation
        Sebastien Cotte became actively involved in the field of medical marijuana in 2013 while seeking alternative treatments for his son Jagger's, rare terminal Mitochondrial disease. In 2014, with his wife Annett, they became medical refugees in Colorado to access cannabis oil for Jagger. They lived in Colorado for 13 months before moving back to Georgia.
        Sebastien received a bachelor degree in international business from the University of Indianapolis and has over 15 years of business experience at several Fortune 500 companies. His areas of expertise include: human resources, training, process improvements, sales management, customer care, marketing, brand building, etc. Sebastien also completed a Medical Marijuana certification program offered by Americans for Safe Access and is in the process of finishing a few more industry certifications. He serves as an ambassador for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and is one of the co-founder of Georgia's Hope, the leadership parent group that was successful in getting a Medical Cannabis law passed in Georgia. (HB1 Haleigh's Hope).
        Sebastien is the national business/education director and a board member for the Flowering Hope Foundation (a 501c no for profit that provides education and patient support for Haleigh's Hope-Cannatol products). He is also on the board of advisor of MDherb, a cannabis education website, the Georgia action group leader for Americans with Safe Access and the VP of the "Talk to the 6630507 hand" campaign which aim at de-scheduling cannabis.
      • CEO & Co-Founder, Rylie's Sunshine
          Janie and her family's life was forever changed in 2013, after noticing changes to her daughter,
          Rylie's face a tumor was discovered aggressively eating away the left side of her face and palate.
          After hearing this devastating news Janie dove into research. She could not deny giving Rylie the
          best outcome if it was a possibility.

          After seeing remarkable results Janie single handedly fought for Delaware to have a pediatric
          medical marijuana law and for it's pediatric medical card holders to be allowed to have their
          cannabis oil on school property. Both of these laws, Rylie's Law in 2015 and SB181 in 2016,
          passed with unanimous votes which is unprecedented. In 2017, Janie was able to reignite HB210
          that had stalled in the House in the very last week of the legislation, a Bill that would change the
          process of how Qualifying Conditions are added to regulations for pediatrics, and it passed
          successfully in the last hours of session. Following this legislative change, Janie submitted a
          petition to add Pediatric Autism as a Qualifying Condition to Rylie's Law. Janie continues to this
          day to stay extremely active as a policy advisor, speaker, educator and consultant in pediatric
          medical cannabis in the hopes of giving families better options they may not have had before.

          The family's amazing story and advocacy work has been featured on many numerous News
          Channels, Talk Shows, The Medical Cannabis Report, Beach Life Magazine, CannaHealth, and
          CannaTech. Janie's daughter, Rylie, has followed in her foot steps by creating her own 501(c)3 at
          the age of 9, Rylie's Smile foundation, which helps children with life threatening illnesses escape
          from their realities to relieve stress in the hospital, contributes to pediatric medical research and
          advocates for alternative therapies.
        • Advocacy Founder, Strainz
            Herah is the mother to twins with Fragile X syndrome that has used cannabis to treat and improve the quality of life for her children. She discovered the need to create a reliable cannabis product line and was one of the Original partners of Strainz NV, now in multiple states. She is the Regional Account Manager for Silver State Trading and she is an advocate and speaker regarding the use of cannabis in autism.


          In this panel discussion, parents of medically compromised children using cannabis discuss their experiences of what led them to start cannabis therapy, what delivery methods they currently use and what improvements have been observed. Bioavailability and research will also be briefly discussed.

          Learning objectives:

          • The goal of using medical cannabis is most often to improve quality of life, not to cure
          • Besides finding the proper cannabis profile and dosing, finding the best delivery method for each patient is one of the most important objectives

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