Overcoming Challenges Analyzing Heavy Metals in Cannabis by ICP-MS



There are many obstacles to overcome when analyzing Heavy Metals in Cannabis by ICPMS.  Cannabis matrices can be difficult to prepare and analyze due to the complex components of products that occur naturally, as well as ingredients utilized during the manufacturing process.  Often many laboratories have difficulties analyzing cannabis and hemp products due to the variety and variance of complex product matrices.  The Cannabis and Hemp industries are vastly expanding into all spectrums of consumer goods. At Perkin Elmer, we have dedicated an entire team to the study of Cannabis and Hemp including infused products.  Utilizing our NexION ICP-MS, Titan MPS Microwave Digestion System and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) analyzing Heavy Metals in Cannabis has become simpler.  Sample preparation is one of the biggest hurdles a laboratory can face, as each product and its ingredients present a different obstacle to sample preparation optimization affecting your laboratory’s throughput. We can provide a robust sample preparation guide and supplemental assistance as your lab capabilities expand and projects diversify.  A proper digestion protocol and a robust ICPMS analytical method are critical to your laboratory’s success. PerkinElmer’s NexION ICPMS utilizes Universal Cell Technology (UCT) to aid in the removal of polyatomic interferences for accurate and reliable analytical data. Please join us to discuss how our instrumentation offerings and validated analytical methods can help your laboratory be on the cutting edge of Cannabis Testing for Heavy Metals.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify possible sources of interferences and analytical challenges found during analysis  of Heavy Metal contamination in Cannabis  and Cannabis derivatives by ICPMS

2. Understand typical sample preparation techniques for Cannabis and Cannabis derivatives utilizing closed-vessel microwave digestion

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