MAR 29, 2018 10:30 AM PDT

Pediatric Medical Cannabis Guidance

C.E. CREDITS: P.A.C.E. CE | Florida CE
  • CEO & Co-Founder, Rylie's Sunshine
      Janie and her family's life was forever changed in 2013, after noticing changes to her daughter,
      Rylie's face a tumor was discovered aggressively eating away the left side of her face and palate.
      After hearing this devastating news Janie dove into research. She could not deny giving Rylie the
      best outcome if it was a possibility.

      After seeing remarkable results Janie single handedly fought for Delaware to have a pediatric
      medical marijuana law and for it's pediatric medical card holders to be allowed to have their
      cannabis oil on school property. Both of these laws, Rylie's Law in 2015 and SB181 in 2016,
      passed with unanimous votes which is unprecedented. In 2017, Janie was able to reignite HB210
      that had stalled in the House in the very last week of the legislation, a Bill that would change the
      process of how Qualifying Conditions are added to regulations for pediatrics, and it passed
      successfully in the last hours of session. Following this legislative change, Janie submitted a
      petition to add Pediatric Autism as a Qualifying Condition to Rylie's Law. Janie continues to this
      day to stay extremely active as a policy advisor, speaker, educator and consultant in pediatric
      medical cannabis in the hopes of giving families better options they may not have had before.

      The family's amazing story and advocacy work has been featured on many numerous News
      Channels, Talk Shows, The Medical Cannabis Report, Beach Life Magazine, CannaHealth, and
      CannaTech. Janie's daughter, Rylie, has followed in her foot steps by creating her own 501(c)3 at
      the age of 9, Rylie's Smile foundation, which helps children with life threatening illnesses escape
      from their realities to relieve stress in the hospital, contributes to pediatric medical research and
      advocates for alternative therapies.


    As more research on cannabis surfaces, families are increasingly looking into treating their child’s debilitating conditions with medical cannabis. Most do not know where to begin with this process. This places a lot of extra responsibility on parents to learn their state laws and how to treat their child safely with cannabis. Simple steps from how to speak to your child’s physician to basic dosing tips and becoming active in improving pediatric medical cannabis legislation will be covered.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Steps to take to get your child started on Medical Cannabis
    • Important Things to think about when starting your child on Medical Cannabis

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