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Selecting a Safe and Clean Cannabis Product. A Parent's Quest to Find the Best Medicine for His Son

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  • Director and Board Member for the Flowering Hope Foundation
      Sebastien Cotte became actively involved in the field of medical marijuana in 2013 while seeking alternative treatments for his son Jagger's, rare terminal Mitochondrial disease. In 2014, with his wife Annett, they became medical refugees in Colorado to access cannabis oil for Jagger. They lived in Colorado for 13 months before moving back to Georgia.
      Sebastien received a bachelor degree in international business from the University of Indianapolis and has over 15 years of business experience at several Fortune 500 companies. His areas of expertise include: human resources, training, process improvements, sales management, customer care, marketing, brand building, etc. Sebastien also completed a Medical Marijuana certification program offered by Americans for Safe Access and is in the process of finishing a few more industry certifications. He serves as an ambassador for the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation and is one of the co-founder of Georgia's Hope, the leadership parent group that was successful in getting a Medical Cannabis law passed in Georgia. (HB1 Haleigh's Hope).
      Sebastien is the national business/education director and a board member for the Flowering Hope Foundation (a 501c no for profit that provides education and patient support for Haleigh's Hope-Cannatol products). He is also on the board of advisor of MDherb, a cannabis education website, the Georgia action group leader for Americans with Safe Access and the VP of the "Talk to the 6630507 hand" campaign which aim at de-scheduling cannabis.


    With 46 states having some form of medical cannabis program to date, we are experiencing a “green rush” where everyone is trying to sell some type of cannabis products to parents/patients. Unfortunately, not every companies are putting safe, clean and reliable products out in the market. In this presentation we will cover a few guidelines on how to select the best possible cannabis product based on three main principles. We will go over what to look for when buying a cannabis product and how parents/patients can have a little extra peace of mind about their cannabis product by following a few simple steps.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Learn how to obtain a safe, clean cannabis product
    • Learn about different types of lab testing for cannabis
    • Learn basics about different extractions methods for medical cannabis products

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