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The Manager of the Vivarium at the End of the World

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  • Genetically Modified Mouse Facility Manager, General Editor Bioterios.com, Centro de Estudios Cientificos (CECs), Chile
      Juan Manuel Baamonde was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he got its title of Laboratory Animal Technician at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) in 1999. Since 2004 until now works at the Centro de Estudios Científicos (CECs) in Valdivia, Chile, as Manager of genetically modified mouse facility. In 2007 he founded the website Bioterios.com, reference portal in Spanish on the care and use of laboratory animals in Latin America, where he performs general editor tasks to date. In 2009 is appointed general editor of the Journal LAJLAS (Latin American Journal of Laboratory Science). Since 2012 is member of the ARC (The Americas Regional Committee) ICLAS (International Council for Laboratory Animal Science) representing Chile.


    The city of Valdivia is located in Chile, South America, 841 km south of its capital city Santiago. I moved to Valdivia early in 2004 to participate in the development of a new animal facility to generate and house genetically modified mice at the Centro de Estudios Científicos (CECs). The facility was inaugurated a year later (2005). I was initially hired as one of two laboratory animal technicians and I undertook to train new staff without formal education in the subject. Eventually I became the manager of the facility, with responsibility for the use of resources (people, animals, money, equipment, etc.) efficiently and effectively in order to achieve certain goals. In this presentation I will tell you about the problems faced as an animal facility manager in Latin America, but also about achievements. Among the last was the accreditation awarded by AALAC to our facility in mid-2012, which converted us in the first internationally accredited animal facility in Chile and one of the few to enjoy this distinction in Latin America.

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