MAY 17, 2018 10:00 AM PDT

A comprehensive workflow solution from gene synthesis to purified proteins

  • Sr. Manager R&D, Thermo Fisher Scientific
      Michael Liss, Sr. Manager R&D, received his PhD in 2000 from University of Regensburg & Boulder gaining expertise in virology, molecular biology and directed evolution. 2000-2002: Post Doc in Biosensoring with aptamers. 2002-2012: Scientist in R&D at GeneArt GmbH. 2012-2014: Sr. Manager R&D at Life Technologies, since 2014: Sr. Manager R&D at Thermo Fisher Scientific. During his work in synthetic biology and gene synthesis Michael has setup & managed the directed evolution unit for more than five years. He further advanced the progress of economic and reliable gene synthesis and installed the gene-to-protein service. Today, he is responsible for R&D projects including process development, portfolio accretion and novel applications of synthetic biology.


    Reliable expression of recombinant proteins in human or CHO cells is essential for many aspects of biomedical research and drug development but is often hampered by low expression yields that limit subsequent structural and functional analyses. The full portfolio of Thermo Fisher Scientific, from GeneArt™ gene synthesis to optimized mammalian expression systems, offers researchers the unique opportunity to perfect their gene expression results. Our proprietary sequence optimization algorithm GeneOptimizer™ enhances the sequence through a parallel multiparameter approach. To further maximize protein yield, you can choose from our best serum-free Gibco™ FreeStyle™ or Invitrogen™ Expi293™ and ExpiCHO™ expression systems. This holistic approach - from electronic gene sequence or accession number to the purified protein - is the most efficient way to exploit your gene-to-protein workflow for highest performance, either by purchasing reagents for internal work or outsourcing the entire workflow as a highly customized service to the GeneArt™ protein team. The presentation explains the basics of gene optimization and gene synthesis and how the combination with the best expression system produces unsurpassed expression reliability and protein yield.

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