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DC health care update for laboratorians

  • Partner/Senior VP, ADVI
      Michael Beebe, ADVI Partner/Senior Vice President, advises clients on all aspects of reimbursement and strategic policy planning, including specific coding strategies in the physician office, the hospital and other sites of service. Beebe also works with clients on the evidence requirements needed to secure reimbursement and approaches to obtaining the desired levels of payment for the physician, the facility, or the laboratory test.

      Prior to joining ADVI, he was at the AMA for 14 years. His most recent position was Director of CPT. Beebe was a central participant in AMA advocacy efforts involving public and private coverage, coding and reimbursement issues, including provider class action litigation, CMS physician payment negotiations, and local coverage determinations. He was previously a Senior Social Scientist in Physician Payment Systems where he was primary staff to the AMA/Specialty Society RVS Update Committee (RUC) where he developed recommendations on physician work RVUs and practice expense inputs. Beebe was responsible and involved in many of the most seminal product and service, coding and payment decisions.

      • Molecular and companion diagnostics - created MAAA and NGS coding nomenclatures
      • Spine decompression and fusion procedures
      • Vaccines
      • Telehealth and remote monitoring
      • Wound Care and Skin substitutes
      • Cardiac Procedures, including TAVR and minimally invasive

      Beebe has a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State University and a Master's Degree from Boston University.


    I will be discussing the following subjects in my presentation:

    • Update from 2015
    • PAMA Proposed (or Final Rule)
    • FDA Regulation of LDTs
    • Change to Physician Payment and impact on diagnostic testing
    • Cancer Moonshot

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