MAR 29, 2018 07:30 AM PDT

Keynote Presentation: Better Science - Better Quality of Life

C.E. CREDITS: P.A.C.E. CE | Florida CE
  • Founder, Medical Cannabis Society and CEO, Miradati Technology
      Russell Cersosimo Jr. is the founder of Pittsburgh-based Miradati Technology, which is currently developing HIPAA-compliant, enterprise software that creates standardized data for medical cannabis research. Integrating both legacy and proprietary technologies, Miradati helps facilitate this rapidly developing field of study, producing quantifiable data that more accurately measures patient outcomes, reduces prescribing errors, and lowers patient costs.
      In 2015, Russ founded the Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society (PAMCS), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's largest organization for professionals, educators and leaders in the industry. Since its inception, PAMCS has been involved in over 45 educational events throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. PAMCS and Cersosimo's advocacy efforts were instrumental in 2016's successful legalization campaign.
      Today, Cersosimo is committed to forging partnerships that improve the capture and analysis of medical cannabis data. Russ sits on the ASTM D37 committee for writing cannabis industry standards and is passionate about developing solutions that will shape the industry. The Pennsylvania Medical Cannabis Society has converted to a national model and has launched Medical Cannabis Society chapters in West Virginia - with plans to open in Maryland, Michigan, and New Jersey in 2018.
      A serial entrepreneur as far back as his days studying Psychology at West Virginia University, Cersosimo founded Webbula, a data-centric technology company. As its CEO, Cersosimo generated high-profile clientele including Google, Yahoo, T-Mobile, Neustar, and Epsilon. Mr. Cersosimo also serves as CEO for marketing firm Optimal Reach Media. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Tourettes Syndrome Awareness Foundation.


    For 100 years the cannabis plant has been demonized, made illegal, and kept from researchers.

    Recently, states have begun to take the situation into their own hands, enabling patients to begin accessing it. With the country at 29 legalized states, it’s safe to say the tipping point has been reached and there is no turning back.

    Federal restrictions have kept us from accessing the science behind cannabis. Unfortunately, research is far behind because the science is behind. With pockets of scientific research starting to happen across the United States - and technology helping us tie it all together, it’s time to start making some serious headway.

    Overall, better science will enable us identify targeted therapies that will improve the quality of life.

    We know that Patients are experiencing a better quality of life, but there is a large gap in why.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Cannabis History and Uses
    • What Lies Ahead for Cannabis as a Medicine (or) Utilizing Science and Technology to Break the Handcuffs on Cannabis Research

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