Smart Cell Monitoring Revisited



Biomedical researchers are increasingly using advanced human cell models for translational biology and therapeutic discovery studies. These include patient-specific samples, cultured micro-tissues, and complex systems assembled from primary and iPS-derived cells. In line with this, information-rich and turnkey analytical techniques are demanded to extract maximum insight from these precious samples. Accordingly, non-invasive automated live-cell analysis methods have now become an industry gold-standard.

In this webinar, Del Trezise will review live-cell analysis techniques and the most recent developments in the field. Advances will be illustrated with examples drawn from 3D oncology co-culture applications, antibody-based cell identification methods, and cell-by-cell analysis to probe immune cell heterogeneity and subsets.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • The basics of live-cell analysis and ‘smart cell monitoring’
  • How live-cell analysis can be combined with advanced cell models for added insight and productivity
  • What’s new in the field
  • What advances researchers can expect in the future

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Smart Cell Monitoring Revisited

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