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Leveraging Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) to Provide Standardization, Efficiency and Cost Savings

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  • Vice President, Sales & Marketing Accelerated Technology Laboratories, Inc.
      Dr. Paszko is an innovative, customer-centric leader with strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate well with both sales and technical teams. A strong leader with a commitment to driving growth in the rapidly evolving technology industry. Her unique career combines a Ph.D. in infectious disease and Microbiology with 20+ years of experience in defining and directing marketing and sales and business development strategies. This approach has helped customers to outperform competitors with best in class Laboratory Information Management Systems, Positive ID, and Automation Technology. Dr. Paszko's multicultural background provides a real-world understanding of the importance of sales leadership and relationship management to the bottom line.


    In today’s modern laboratory, resources are often stretched as laboratories struggle to manage multiple priorities, meet regulatory requirements, and contain costs. This is especially true in Medicinal Cannabis testing laboratories in which it is very important to ensure high quality testing data is being generated and delivered in a timely manner to those that require this information, while meeting regulatory requirements and managing cost. Testing is critical in determining product quality, not only for potency cannabinoids and terpenes, but also if any contamination is present, from pesticides, herbicides, other chemicals, metals or biologicals such as bacteria or mold. Many laboratories are also now including genetic testing to identify key genetic traits to guide breeding of advanced cannabis varieties.

    This presentation will show laboratory managers and owners how they can utilize a computerized laboratory management system to optimize and standardize laboratory performance while ensuring a high product quality and profitability. The purpose of the laboratory is to ensure a consistent, high quality product has been manufactured, and that testing has been completed at each step of the process, from raw material to finished product/s. Some of the key benefits of the computerized data management system include, positive ID (barcode/RFID), full traceability, integrated quality control, automated results upload from instruments (eliminating transcription errors), maximized resource utilization, fast turnaround times, automated email and result posting to a secure web portal resulting in accelerated result delivery and higher customer satisfaction. Standardization plays a key role Laboratory testing and is critical to ensuring a safe, reliable, consistent product is produced.

    Learning Objectives:

    • To understand the value proposition of implementing automation into a regulated environment
    • To learn how leveraging automation tools can not only standardize processes but cut costs
    • To see that deploying flexible solutions can facilitate regulatory compliance quickly and efficiently

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