NOV 8 - 9 2017 Opens: 3:00 PM PT
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5th annual 24 Hours of Stem Cells™ virtual event
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Register for free to attend the 5th annual Gibco™ 24 Hours of Stem Cells™ virtual event, a major stem cell research event taking place around the world on November 9, 2017*.

During 24 Hours of Stem Cells, you can:

  • Access leading scientific presentations from prominent researchers and thought leaders around the world
  • Sharpen your stem cell skills and expertise with virtual training and certifications
  • Expand your research network and enrich your perspective on a global context

Experience all of this virtually, from the comfort of anywhere. Register today.

*Event hours: Log in any time after 8:00AM November 9th regardless of your time zone.


What attendees liked about last year's event Take a tour of last year's event


If you have additional questions, please contact Chelsie Fritz at

Show Resources

The final agenda and list of speakers for this year’s event will be available shortly. Check back soon for more specific details.

Additionally, you can access a list of last year’s speakers here.



What educational opportunities will be available at 24 Hours of Stem Cells?

Young investigators track – Get career advice from prominent researchers and thought leaders in the field, access career development resources and more.

Event certification – Back by popular demand, participate in select activities throughout this year’s live event and receive a certificate of completion. Check back soon for more specific details regarding this certification.

Virtual training – Test your knowledge and sharpen your stem cell skills in one of our virtual training labs. Topics include pluripotent stem cell culture, basic cell culture, transfection and protein expression.

Check back soon for more specific details.



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